Indie Seen: How SEO can help Independent Bands Market their Music

Music can become a career path for some, going through the daily grind in getting gigs and sessions. Some get a day job to get a stable salary to invest on their passion in music, hoping to get their big break. This is what indie bands do.

The independent music scene has grown into a grand scale for the last ten years. Chicago Tribune music critic, Greg Kot, wrote in his 2009 book, ‘Ripped: How the Wired Generation Revolutionized Music’, about the rise of independent music due to the internet. Bands like Death Cab for Cutie and Arcade Fire have built their popularity and steady fan base on the internet via online forums and independent radio programs. But it was really the internet users who discovered so many acts off the net that made the indie scene grow.

SEOA huge chunk of this was also made possible by file sharing. This, of course, was a controversial turn for the industry. But even big names in the rock music scene like Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament and Radiohead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Thom Yorke have expressed some support in file sharing.

It was about getting the music and the artist exposed to the world amidst all the pop music that the major record labels wanted to feed to the masses.

For the past years, Search Engine Optimization or SEO has revolutionized internet marketing. So many businesses and companies capitalize on having their products and services get search engine boosts via SEO firms. This allows the services and products have internet presence on Google, Bing and other search engines. Content, relevance, architecture, quality and reputation of websites are just some of the things that search engines aggregate, then disperse on their page. SEO firms works on these things to help businesses and companies get their services on a better spot on Google’s or any other search engine’s rankings. It is basically trying to get to the first page and top spot on the search engine’s finds. Of course, SEO services don’t just stop in catering business or companies. Today even artists can benefit from SEO services.

In a time where a plethora of artists and music are available off the net, independent bands need to capitalize on the opportunities of SEO services. Some independent record labels and artists even use SEO for their websites. There have also been SEO firms that cater specifically to the music industry. Websites of artists get internet presence for their accessibility. However, reputation also plays a huge role in making the website visible. But the fundamental factor is still the quality of the content.

Indie bands and artists usually have their quirks. But having unique names and song-titles are not always the key to have their material marketed. Websites need to be developed. Getting your own site has lots of benefits such as directly interacting with the fans. On the page quality and content is a must. A great way to boost the numbers of views is by having text-based content on the page such as articles, reviews, updates, tour dates and even lyrics (if the risk is worth it) about and from the band. That way Google can easily crawl through the website and get keywords for the search.

Making a Facebook page is also a factor. With the millions of users online, indie bands can easily spread their page. Facebook is probably the top social media networking site today, which gives it a really good reputation. Media is very important for content of course, such as getting the Youtube page posted or SoundCloud demos embedded. Here fans can share links on their Facebook and Twitter pages, which eventually gets attention from search engines. It takes a lot of effort for new bands to spread the word, but capitalize on sharing links on social networking sites. These will not determine success but it will surely help market indie artists.